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Here you'll find a collection of articles on various topics relating to DIY and home improvement.


As time goes by we'll be adding many more articles, therefore check back regularly to see what is new.

Install a Rhinoboard ceiling

Basics of bricklaying

Types of SA lawns

Practical painting solutions

Trendy concrete floors (Part 1)

Lawn pest types

Retile? Why not paint?

Trendy concrete floors (Part 2)

Lawn diseases

Lawn weeds

Get the right drainage system

Hints for novice painters

Choose the right doors and locks

How to keep your tools sharp

Innovative tile designs

Solutions for a waterlogged garden

Retaining walls

New electric fence regulations

Circular saw safety

Repairing walls and ceilings

All about applicators

Maintain outdoor metal furniture

Natural stone flooring

Sealant for natural stone tiles

Halt rising damp

Cladding options

Install a swimming pool

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