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Workshop queries

Workmate spares needed

I have been a subscriber to this fantastic magazine for over 10 years and this will be the first time I am asking for advice. I have an old Black & Decker Workmate (1982 vintage) that has helped me build a yacht and numerous items of furniture and DIY projects over the years.


An unfortunate design flaw of this otherwise useful tool is the plastic leg clips seen in the picture. I have replaced them previously but after visits to many large hardware stores, can no longer find a local supplier in Johannesburg. Can any of your experts or readers advise on where I may obtain them?

Craig Viljoen


Service coordinator for B&D, Vincent Roets replies: The plastic leg clips are labelled as latches – Black & Decker part no 373985-49. These can be obtained from the Black & Decker Head Office and 25 independent service centres across South Africa. If there is no stock the part will be sourced for you. There is also a delivery service and, for R70 (excluding VAT), the part can be delivered anywhere in South Africa.


For more information contact B&D on 011-472-0454

Garage workshop dust problems

I’m a keen amateur woodworker and have come to realise that although my garage is wonderful for weekend projects, I am having quite a lot of dust issues. The cars take the brunt of the dust once moved back into the garage and it’s a matter of time before my wife fails to see the lighter side of my woodworking habit. Are there any suggestions for making or creating a dust extraction system that will solve my dust problems without spending multitudes of my wood purchasing funds?

Leigh Rieder, Randpark Ridge


Jenny Pretoruis, product manager at Actom, replies:  Actom has a solution to your problem, namely the Tempadair PVT25. It is a 250mm-diameter portable 220V fan, supplied with plug and cord as well as a 5m flexible duct. The fan can be moved near to your area of operation. From there the ducting can be stretched and directed outside into the garden and the dust hosed down. This will also be good for the soil and you will be left with a happy wife, clean cars and peace to enjoy your hobby. The product costs approximately R2 000 and can be purchased directly from any Actom branch countrywide.

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