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Leaky pond


We have a pond at the entrance to our estate. The pond has been treated previously with
various types of material, but once again there are some bubbles and when you pierce the
bubbles, water runs out of them.


We are looking for a good solution to fix the pond. We drained all the water and will have to
scrape and grind off the old material. Do you have any sound advice for us to solve the problem?

Hendrie Spies, by email


Sharl Bennie, our building expert, advises: Before we can offer any constructive advice, you will need
to remove all the old layers of waterproofing materials that were previously installed. Once this is done, then we can assess the condition of the surface that you are working with.


If the plaster surface of the pond is crumbling, it will be necessary to remove that as well. Remember that any paint or waterproofing material is only as good as the surface onto which it has been applied.


Strip it down to a solid base first and then we can determine what plan of action to take.


Ensure that the tiles are very secure as well. If you tap on the tiles and they sound hollow, they too will need to be removed. Make sure you check every tile. Unfortunately there is no shortcut around this problem. Do this work, take photos as you progress, and then let us know when it has been done and we can try to offer further advice.


For further information contact Sharl Bennie on 082-554-1921



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