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All about sealant applicators

Blue half-barrel

The blue half-barrel applicator is an entry level and easy-to-use sealant and adhesive applicator.


It is used to apply low viscosity silicones, sealants and adhesives.


This applicator is not recommended for day-to-day use as it won’t be able to cope with the demands. It is fine for applying sealant around baths, kitchen sinks and in showers every now and then.

Recommended retail price is R 30

Chrome applicator

The chrome applicator is a step up from its blue half-barrel counterpart. Although it looks almost the same as the blue half-barrel, there are some distinct improvements.


Where the blue half-barrel applicator is made from 0.5mm stainless steel, the chrome applicator is made from 1mm stainless steel. You might think half a millimetre can’t make that much difference, but the difference is quite evident when you pick up the chrome applicator.The chrome version is much heavier than the blue half-barrel version and much less flimsy.


The biggest improvement on the chrome version is the plunger, which has a serrated edge for the entire length of the plunger.The serrated edge along with the handle mechanism allows for better control when applying sealants.


Unlike the blue half-barrel version, which has a thumb trigger to release the plunger, the chrome version’s plunger needs to be rotated 180° to enable the release of the plunger.


This applicator is ideal for DIY’ers who need to apply low viscosity silicones, acrylic sealants and adhesives in and around the home on a more regular basis.

Recommended retail price is R 45

Cox HKS 400

This applicator is for the more serious DIY’er who wants to apply sealant and adhesive on a more frequent basis. It is a high quality extruder gun and can be used with 310ml and 400ml cartridges.


The Cox HKS 400 features a hexagonal plunger and a much improved trigger mechanism as well as a thumb release trigger.

Recommended retail price is R 85

Skeleton MK310

The Skeleton MK310 is the go-to applicator for tradesmen and industry professionals who require a heavy-duty sealant applicator.


This professional model has a high quality trigger mechanism, enabling the precise application of low and high viscosity sealants or adhesives.


The MK310 feels solid and has no flimsy parts, indicating that it will be able to withstand the high demands of day-to-day sealant application. It can be used with polyurethane, silicone, acrylic and adhesive cartridges.

Recommended retail price is R 300

Bulkfill H600

This is a heavy-duty professional sealant applicator gun intended for industrial use.


This gun has the same high quality trigger mechanism as the Skeleton MK310 model.


It is used to expel polyurethane sealant from the 600ml foil packs.


A specific nozzle goes with this model and fits snugly into the front of the gun to enable precision application.

Recommended retail price is R 620

Bulkfill H310

The Bulkfill H310 is a shortened and ergonomically designed version of the Bulkfill H600.


It has the same high quality handle and trigger system as the H600.


It can also be used for industrial purposes in the application of polyurethane, silicone, acrylic and adhesive cartridges.

Recommended retail price is R 420

Cox Air MK5 P600

This is a pneumatically powered applicator designed for the continuous application of sealants.


Unlike other applicators, where the user continually needs to re-press the handle to expel more sealant or adhesive, this model enables the continuous flow of material by pressing the button once and holding it in.


Like Bulkfill, it has a nozzle that fits into the front end to allow for easy and precise application of material.


Polyurethane sealant in the 600ml foil packs is applied by means of this applicator.

Recommended retail price is R 2000

Gun foam applicator

This gun is designed for use with polyurethane foam for the sealing of cavities that are common when mounting and fitting windows, door frames and roofs.


It is specifically designed for the controlled flow of expanding foam.

Recommended retail price is R 640

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