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The heat is on

If you have a fireplace and plan on using it this winter, you’ll also need some fireplace. The good news is that you can easily make these yourself


By André Gous


2 020mm of 8mm round bar

1 350mm of 25mm x 3mm flat bar

One metal ball

Three offcut pieces of wood for handles

Sheet metal

One brick layers broom


Drill and 8mm drill bit
Tape measure
Angle grinder
Tin scissors

Cutting list

Two 760mm lengths of 8mm round bar

One 500mm length of 8mm round bar

One 1 250mm length of 25mm x 3mm flat bar

One 100mm piece of 25mm x 3mm flat bar

One 150mm x 220mm piece of sheet metal

Project guide

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated time: 1 hour

Cost: R100

Step-by-step guide

* Scoop

Step 1: On the piece of sheet metal, mark out a rectangle measuring 220mm x 150mm, then cut out the piece of sheet metal. The easiest way to do this is with a guillotine, but if you don’t own one it doesn’t matter because a small angle grinder can do the job just as well.


Step 2: Determine the centre of the 150mm ends and make a slight bend in the scoop.


Step 3: Measure 20mm inwards from one side on the 220mm ends and draw a line between these two marks. Place the piece of sheet metal in a bench vice or a bending machine and make a 90° bend in the scoop on the line.


Step 4: To achieve a better finish, round off the corners (the ones that aren’t bent) of the scoop using an angle grinder or tin scissors.


Step 5: Take one of the 760mm lengths of round bar and weld it onto the 20mm bent side of the scoop.


Step 6: Finally, take a piece of offcut wood and drill an 8mm hole down its centre and then fit the piece of wood over the end of the round bar.


* Poker

Step 7: Weld the metal ball onto one end of the remaining 760mm length of 8mm round bar. Fit the remaining piece of wood over the other end of the poker to serve as its handle.


* Tongs

Step 8: The tongs are made from a single piece of 25mm x 3mm flat bar. To make them, take the 1 250mm length of flat bar and determine its centre (625mm). Next, bend the length of flat bar in half. Now you have a U-shaped piece of metal.


Step 9: Measure 150mm downward on both sides from the end that is bent. On these marks, bend the flat bar outwards. It should resemble the shape of a split pin.


Step 10: For this piece of flat bar to function as tongs, two more bends are required. Measure 400mm downward on both sides from the bent end and on these two marks bend the flat bar inward to give the tongs a spring action and allow the user to pick up coals.



Step 11: Take the 500mm length of round bar and bend one of the ends to 45°. Next, weld this bent end of the round bar onto a 100mm piece of flat bar. Make sure it’s in the centre. Drill two holes into the flat bar on either side of the round bar. Screw this round bar handle onto the brick layers broom. To finish the broom, fit a piece of offcut wood over the other end of the round bar.


Step 12: Give the fireplace tools three coats of xylazel Metal Heat Resistant Paint available from Oxirite Metal Paints.

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