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As you have no doubt gathered from his editor’s note in the June 2015 issue, Johann Stadler has left The Home Handyman

magazine in order to pursue other career opportunities. Johann’s team work, humour and willingness to help out with

anything that needed doing around the office will be missed.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for

being the office braai master, as well as his many years of service and hard work on continually ensuring our readers

received a magazine filled with projects, DIY tips and insight. We wish Johann well on his new adventure.


Gareth Greathead recently joined the The Home Handyman team and has taken up the role of editor. Gareth is a keen DIY’er in his personal capacity and has taken on a variety of projects, from woodwork to plumbing and even waterproofing a roof.  Gareth previously worked on a number of trade publications in the built environment covering plumbing, architecture and design as well as mining. We welcome Gareth to the team and look forward to seeing him become a DIY master.


Allan Swart & Michelle Funke


“People come, people go – they’ll drift in and out of your life, almost like characters in a favourite book. When you finally close the cover, the characters have told their story and you start up again with another book, complete with new characters and adventures.....”

- Nicholas Sparks -

Ushering in a new era

Gareth Greathead, Editor

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