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Make a drum braai

I rescued a drum that a builder was going to discard and realised that it would make a handy braai.


By Piet Steenkamp

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Using an angle grinder, cut the drum just above the lower ring.


Step 2: Cut three lengths of 25mm flat bar, each 800mm, and bend and hammer them into the shape of legs. Drill holes in the legs and the bottom and side of the drum to bolt the legs in place.


Step 3: Use the lid or bottom of the drum as a template and cut enough flat bar to form a round fire grate, spaced about 5mm apart. Cut two more lengths and weld them across the grate to keep the bars in place. This grate will lie at the bottom of your drum to protect it and create enough ventilation for the fire.


Step 4: Bend two rings of about 450mm and 300mm in diameter using 9mm round bar. You can use any drum or round object as a template to start the bend, and again hand bend and hammer it into shape. Then cut three ‘spokes’ of about 200mm, bend the tips over and weld them onto the underside of the rings to resemble a steering wheel. Put the ‘wheel’ on top of the drum to support your braai grid.


Step 5: You can make a grid yourself using round bar and expanded metal or use any grid that can lie on top of your wheel. I was fortunate as a friend of mine put his old Weber on pension and I inherited the grid, which is exactly the right diameter of 540mm for the braai.


My no.4 potjie fits snugly into the inner ring and depending on the size of your potjie, you can make the ring bigger or smaller.


If you find that the fire is too far down, you can lift the grate by putting three bricks underneath it, or cut the drum lower (next time before you make the fire, that is).

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