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Durable garage floors

Here are some flooring options that will transform your bland cement garage floor into one that will make you feel right at home


By Roelof Strydom

A garage or workshop is the place where people undertake tasks they would not normally carry out inside their homes. Working with oil, paint and all kinds of tools and hardware is restricted to the garage or workshop. And let’s face it, garage floors are usually unattractive, hard, cold, difficult to clean and sometimes slippery, which leads to safety concerns. Consider one of the options below to upgrade your garage floor.


Interlocking PVC floor tiles

Plastige Interlocking Floor Tiles, manufactured by Rulo Tools, are hard-wearing and durable interlocking PVC floor tiles ideal for workshops and garage floors. According to Alvin Tarr, responsible for sales and marketing at Plastige: “These versatile floor tiles can be used in commercial and domestic garages and are available in a variety of colours. They can be laid in stylish patterns making for an attractive appearance”. Tile dimensions are 500mm x 500mm x 6mm, equating to four tiles (with a total weight of 6.8kg) per square metre.


* Durability

Plastige floor tiles are resistant to alkalis, oil, petroleum, grease, antifreeze and most corrosive chemicals, thus making them the ideal solution in a variety of flooring applications including garages, factories and workshops. “These floor tiles are also self-extinguishing in the event of fire and have good thermal and acoustic properties as well,” says Tarr.


* Appearance

Plastige floor tiles are available in a few surface finishes including smooth, tread and medallion. The result is a non-slip and comfortable walking surface for garage floors as well as public and family areas.


Medallion with a hidden joint has a raised medallion finish and a hidden joint system, making them ideal for office areas requiring an aesthetically pleasing yet durable finish. Tile dimensions are 450mm x 450mm x 7mm, requiring five tiles per 1m2. Medallion exposed joint with dimensions 500mm x 500mm x 6mm are also available.


Tread with a hidden joint has a raised tread plate finish. These tiles measure 500mm x 500mm x 6mm.


Smooth leather or completely smooth finishes with a hidden joint are also available. Their dimensions are 500mm x 500mm x 6mm.


All these tiles are available in standard colours including black, crown red, French blue, dove grey, yellow, Irish green, white, mushroom brown and orange.


* Installation

Installation of these tiles could not be easier as the only tools required are a rubber mallet and sharp knife. The tiles need not be stuck down to the substrate, allowing for future rearrangement, and clip into one another like pieces of a puzzle. As a final detail, tapered edges can also be installed for the easy access of wheelchairs, trolleys and other vehicles. If you don’t want to do the installation yourself, or for large installations, a team of specialists is available and can install it for you.


* Personalisation

If you want a unique PVC tiled floor, Plastige can also print photo quality images, designs and logos onto the floor tiles. For example, if you don’t want someone mistakenly parking in your Merc’s space at home, you can have some tiles printed with the Mercedes logo, which will remove any doubt that may exist.


Tarr explains that you should be careful when buying PVC floor tiles as inferior products are available, which are only 3-4mm in thickness and damage far more easily compared to Plastige tiles, which are 6-7mm thick. He says a high quality and properly installed PVC floor like theirs requires little maintenance and will look good for 20-25 years.

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