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July/August 2020

The Home Handyman magazine is a specialized D.I.Y. publication and caters for a well-defined niche market since November 1993. Editorial includes new products for D.I.Y.’ers, along with projects, home improvement ideas and expert advice. Expert advice from various fields (such as adhesives, abrasives, power tools, welding, plumbing, paint, lighting, waterproofing, wood and metalworking), provides readers with simple, cost effective solutions and methods in a series of practical, step-by-step features that  are comprehensively illustrated. All projects feature local products and metric measurements, making the ideas easy to implement.



6 issues

Sneak peek

Create your own man cave
Not all man caves are created equal. You may have limited square meterage to work with, for one thing. Or your budget may not allow for a full-blown entertainment centre with surround sound and a 72-inch plasma. But that shouldn’t stop you from breaking ground.
In this issue there is some wisdom on constructing the perfect shrine to testosterone – no matter what kind of burrow you dig yourself into.
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Build a garden shed
With so many exciting options, even an old hand at shed building/buying would marvel at today’s selection. With a level head, level ground, and a level temper, you can finally be united with your perfect shed. First things first though….

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Build a ‘C’-table
I decided that I would organise a side table to have my coffee and cake, cell phone and glass of wine handy instead of balancing a tray on my lap whilst checking out the sport news on TV.

After thinking about various side table options, the easiest was to make a C-table. Plus, I could easily do the job with a minimum of materials and a few power tools.

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