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Chilling around the braai

Summers are all about socialising with friends and family around a good old South African braai. If you do not have a braai, no problem! This month we show you how to make one.


By Andrê Gous


Rubber hammer

Jigsaw/plasma cutter/ guillotine

Welding machine

Drill and 10mm drill bit

Tape measure

Angle grinder


1.6mm sheet metal

Diamond mesh

4m of 8mm thick round bar

2.3m of 25mm thick round tubing

2.6m of 20mm round tubing

Ten 8mm x 30mm bolts and nuts

480mm of 30mm x 3mm angle iron

Project guide

Difficulty: Intermediate

Estimated time: Weekend

Cost: R700


For more information on this or other metalworking projects, contact André Gous on 082-303-4830, 011-824-4995, email: or visit

Step 1: From the edge of the piece of sheet metal measure 120mm. From there measure a further 600mm and from there 120mm again. You will have a rectangle measuring 840mm x 800mm.


Within this big rectangle you should then have three smaller rectangles. Two measuring 120mm x 800mm, and the third measuring 800mm x 600mm.


Step 2: From the diamond mesh cut two pieces; one measuring 500mm x 600mm and a second measuring 300mm x 600mm. For the frame of the braai grids cut four 600mm pieces from the round bar, two 300mm pieces and two 500mm pieces.


Step 3: For the legs cut four 500mm pieces from the 25mm round tubing as well as four pieces from the 20mm round tubing. Cut the piece of angle iron into eight pieces measuring 60mm each.


Step 4: Using either a plasma cutter, guillotine or a jigsaw with a blade to cut metal, cut out the braai’s pan on the 840mm and 800mm lines. Cut another two pieces of sheet metal measuring 120mm x 600mm.


Step 5: Secure the piece of sheet metal on your workbench at the 120mm mark. Secure it by clamping down a strong piece of metal on top of the sheet metal with a G-clamp. Use a rubber hammer to bend the sheet metal 90 degrees downwards. Do the same with the other side.


Step 6: Now you need to cut air vents into the two 120mm x 600mm side panels. To do this measure 30mm inwards from the left and right side on the 600mm side. On these two marks measure 15mm upwards.


Next, find the centre of the piece of sheet metal and measure 25mm outward to each side and mark it. Again measure 15mm upwards and draw lines between the two 15mm marks on either side of the centre. Now cut out the two sections measuring 245mm x 15mm.


Step 7: Weld the sides with air vent cut-outs into place in the braai pan.


Step 8: In only four of the 60mm pieces of angle iron, measure 25mm from the top and drill a 10mm hole in each at this mark. Next weld two angle iron pieces together (one with and one without a hole). To make sure this fits around the 25mm round tube, place the two angle iron pieces on the tube and then weld them together. Do this with the other six angle iron pieces as well.


Step 9: Turn eight bolts into eight nuts and weld four of them with the nut end to the pieces of angle iron over the 10mm holes.


Step 10: On one end of the four 500mm x 25mm thick pieces of round tubing measure 60mm and drill 10mm holes. Again weld the nut end of the nut and bolt over the 10mm hole.


Step 11: Weld the four pieces of angle iron 30mm inward from each side with the nut and bolt end facing outward toward the 800mm side.


Step 12: From the 25mm thick round tubing cut two more pieces measuring 120mm each. Weld the one piece into the inside of one of the corners of the braai. From the outside of the braai drill a 10mm hole through the braai pan as well as the 25mm round tubing.


Weld another nut and bolt over this hole. The other 120mm piece gets a 10mm hole in the centre and weld the final nut and bolt over the hole.


Step 13: Place the remaining 600mm piece of 20mm thick round tubing inside the 25mm tubing welded to the corner of the braai and tighten it.


Step 14: Weld the 500mm and 600mm pieces of round bar together and weld the 500mm x 600mm piece of diamond mesh onto the frame. Weld the end of the remaining 120mm x 25mm piece of round tubing onto the grid. Extending from the piece of tubing, weld some additional round bars that extend to the braai grid for support. Now slide the grid over the 600mm arm and secure it in place by tightening the nut on the 120mm piece.


Step 15: Weld short pieces of round bar onto these two above mentioned bolts to make screwing and unscrewing easier.


Step 16: Construct a frame by welding the 300mm x 600mm pieces of round bar together and then weld the 300mm x 600mm piece of diamond mesh onto the frame.


Step 17: The remaining four pieces of 500mm x 20mm round tubing slides into the already attached 25mm thick legs. Secure them with the bolts that are welded onto the 25mm thick legs.

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