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Back issues - 2011

Missing an issue of The Home Handyman magazine? 


You can order back issues for only R22.00 each (inclusive of VAT, postage and packaging).


Simply select the year of the issue to which ones are still available and order them. 


For orders outside South Africa please phone for a quote. 

Order back issues by Bank Deposit

January 2011

• Construct a jungle gym

• Install your own cupboards

• Build a pond

February 2011

• Lighting feature

• Construct a bookcase

• Make a hammock stand

March 2011

• All about windows and frames

• Install a drywall

• Gutter repairs and maintenance

April 2011

• Tiling and grouting basics

• Build a bird feeder

• Protect against lightning

May 2011

• Roofing troubleshooters

• Make a metal garden bench

• Connect your generator

September 2011

• A noticeboard for your home office

• Energy saving light bulbs

• Learn to plaster successfully
• Make bistro chairs

June 2011

• Modernise your ceiling

• Construct a wine stand

• Solar water heating

July 2011

• Heating your home

• Make a portable work bench

• Make a wall-mounted candle holder

August 2011

• Install a Modek carport

• Make a patio table

• Make an Adirondack chair
• Post-winter care for your fireplace

October 2011

• Decking maintenance

• Make a TV cabinet

•Pavers for pathways

November 2011

•Make a metal clock

• Install a water feature

• Practical painting solutions
• Create a grand entrance

December 2011

• Cast a concrete driveway

• Build a tetris block bookshelf

• Holiday maintenance guide
• Make a metal violin

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