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Jul/Aug 2022

The Home Handyman magazine is a specialized D.I.Y. publication and caters for a well-defined niche market since November 1993. Editorial includes new products for D.I.Y.’ers, along with projects, home improvement ideas and expert advice. Expert advice from various fields (such as adhesives, abrasives, power tools, welding, plumbing, paint, lighting, waterproofing, wood and metalworking), provides readers with simple, cost effective solutions and methods in a series of practical, step-by-step features that  are comprehensively illustrated. All projects feature local products and metric measurements, making the ideas easy to implement.

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6 issues


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Making the most of MDF
Denis Lock describes the successful use of man-made boards for two home projects


Make a DIY planter with hidden storage for a hose

DIY project
How to make a scrap wood toilet paper holder

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